3D Motion  Artist

I have been working with the leading Industry standard 3D softwares : Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, Z-brush and Realflow to develop 3D Models, Animated Sequences and projects ready for Motion Graphics Pictures.

I specialise in 3D Modelling, Texturing, Multi Camera's, VRAY and Global Illumination Rendering, Movement & Dynamics, Character Rigging, Mograph and UV Mapping.

3D Motion Reels

Below are my show reels

Modelling & Sculpting

I am able to create 3D Models from Primitive shapes, and Dynamesh with the leading industry modelling applications: 3DS MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D, Z-Brush, Mudbox and Modo.


3D Environments are rendered with Metalray or VRAY for high quality depth of detail and excellent detail, I export some of projects into Adobe Aftereffects for special effects and faster rendering.

Green Screen

Just like Hollywood motion pictures I am able to work with green screen footage by creating Environments and Models, Textures and Lighting and key mapping to replace the background with special effects and scenery.

Dynamics & Rigging 

Character Rigging with bones and muscle structures, Vehicle rigging using dynamics, Object manipulaton for Animated scenes using Force, Gravity, Mographs & more...

Texturing & Lighting

Using various Ambient and Global Illumination in the projects for real time light, and ray bounce lighting.  I am also able to texture Models using UV mapping and Adobe Photoshop for creating realistic Skin & Textures


I am able to animate camers into the 3D environment using various bridge and focus camers on a 360 degrees setup as I am able to choose indvidual camers focusing on the animation.

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