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Visha Chander - CGI Motion Artist

Welcome to my CGI 3D Portfolio. As a leading Motion Graphics artist who has worked with industry standard applications to develop Motion Graphics, 3D Assets for Films, Movies, Games and Television Idents.  I specialise in 3D Modelling, 3D Sculpting, Rendering, Texturing, Digital Matte Painting, Character Rigging, Dynamics, Particles, Mograph, UV Mapping, Green Screen Keying, Lighting, Camera Motion Graphics, Animation and Visual Effects.

Below you can find some of my recent Visual Breakdowns, CGI Work, 3D workflow and 3D Stills demonstrating my skills and expertise in CGI.

My Recent Work

This is my latest 3D Motion promotion titled 'The Watcher'', based on the most recent movie The Mummy my project demonstrates ancient mythology where the watcher overlooks the tomb of the dead.

CGI Visual FX

Below are some of my recent 3D Render Reels

3D Renders

Below are some of my recent 3D Modelling & Sculpting Renders

CGI Visual Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of my CGI Visual FX projects

3D Model & Sculpture Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of my 3D Modelling & Scuplting

CGI Skills

Below is the breakdown of my CGI Skills and abilities.

Modelling & Sculpting

I am able to create 3D Models from Primitive shapes, and Dynamesh with the leading industry modelling applications: 3DS MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D, Z-Brush, Mudbox and Modo.


3D Environments are rendered with Metalray or VRAY for high quality depth of detail and excellent detail, I export some of projects into Adobe Aftereffects for special effects and faster rendering.

Green Screen Keying

Just like Hollywood motion pictures I am able to work with green screen footage by creating Environments and Models, Textures and Lighting and key mapping to replace the background with special effects and scenery.

Dynamics & Rigging

Character Rigging with bones and muscle structures, Vehicle rigging using dynamics, Object manipulaton for Animated scenes using Force, Gravity, Mographs & more...

Texturing & Lighting

Using various Ambient and Global Illumination in the projects for real time light, and ray bounce lighting. I am also able to texture Models using UV mapping and Adobe Photoshop for creating realistic Skin & Textures


I am able to animate camers into the 3D environment using various bridge and focus camers on a 360 degrees setup as I am able to choose indvidual camers focusing on the animation.

Digital Matte Painting

I am able to create Assets in Photoshop and import them into Nuke / After Effects to create realistic environments from 2D to 3D

Particles & Rendering

Having worked with various particle engines, I am able to simulate and render Water, Fire, Smoke, Dust and Lights.


Using various effectors to create a realistic building destruction and combing with particles and special lighting and texturing to create an epic Hollywood style visual.

Advanced Materials

Having created the model and baking the textures, I then make corrections using Photoshop for Colour, Sharpness, Materials and details.


I am able to create customised terrains for Movie / Game assets which is exported as a FBX file and can be used in Maya with all geometry and textures included.


I am able to onvert particles into a mesh that can be rendered with any engine, I mostly use this for liquid dynamics.

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Special Effects Renders

Below are some of my past 3D Renders with special effects