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Wayrisks Solutions

Way-Risks solutions is specialist security and risk Management Company based in the United Kingdom. Providing a unique combination of specialist bespoke security services across the country and on an international front.

Our international close protection teams are hand-picked for their key skills gained from being former British Special Forces and former specialised military service men and women who represent the very best of British values. We have carefully selected all our professional’s for their complete understanding of high profile client privacy and total discretion protocol. Our professionals are highly trained, disciplined, smart in appearance and extremely well mannered. Bringing a high level of experience in bespoke security and a thorough knowledge of the skills used in protecting world famous celebrity profiles, foreign royalty, executive, government diplomats and high net-worth clients. 



Our personnel hold internationally recognised qualifications in security consultancy, risk management and close protection. They also all fully compliant with all current European laws, holding close protection license’s including the security industry authority license registered under the UK home office, for more information please visit the home office website.
All of our personnel are medically qualified and accredited by the royal college of surgeons, producing all of our operators supporting documents including police clean criminal records before the start of any assignment.
Whilst many companies claim these qualities and attributes not all can deliver in the way that Way-Risk Solutions do. Way-Risks solutions consultants have the solution to tomorrow’s threat the ability to mitigate the forth-coming risks to your family, your assets and your business by creating safe and secure environment. Way-Risks operators have the skills and the experience to be able to control possible security threats and eradicating all losses through potential security breaches.  

Our Services



Statistics show that unfortunately high profile crime on luxury homes is evolving and professional international criminal gangs are establishing new-sophisticated methods to attack private premises. Threats including burglary with assault or even potential kidnap and ransom attempts are becoming more common. Way-Risks solutions offer private security services in the United Kingdom. Services that include private residential security teams, static security guards and asset protection services using fully licensed operators.
All our operators are thoroughly screened, our team include security professionals from former British Special Forces and international specialist security backgrounds. These types of physical security services can be integrated with existing security systems including, intruder alarms, canine security, motion lighting, family safe rooms and close circuit television (CCTV) providing 100% security and protection. Hiring just one of our professionals or a bespoke security team will provide extra security advantages including, various forms of on-site emergency communication, a physical deterrence to criminal gangs and peace of mind. 



Using former U.K Special Forces personnel and industry specialised professionals, we offer our clients the capability to have someone on hand when on international business travel or lifestyle vacation. Our travel security consultants provide country risk assessments prior to departure and during travel with 24hour incident reports and travel advice. Offering help and advice not only on the security situation, but also on political, language, cultural and religious issues that may affect your travel during uncertain times of unrest. Having a complete country extraction plan in place in the unlikely event immediate withdrawal is needed. All our travel consultants are security industry qualified close protection officers. Check the SIA website for more details.
Prior to any deployment, a full travel plan is made and risk assessment is issued containing a detailed country report outlining any on-going and current security, terrorism, political, or criminal risks. 



Our bespoke VIP close protection teams guarantee safety, security and client confidentiality at all times, listening to the principle requirements and working closely with them to deliver a unique tailored security solution for each assignment. All our team members are highly experienced in assisting high profile individuals from professional sports, private business, diplomatic, celebrity and entertainment sectors on an international front.
Hiring one of our teams or even a single discreet officer to attend your trip, private event or function will reduce and control all potential risks. In addition to close protection our professionals offer advice, liaison and coordination, we have supported many international travellers delivering comprehensive security from the moment the traveller arrives in country until their return flight is safely in the air. For more information on our services you can speak to one of our security consultants in private. 



Way-Risks solutions specialise in providing professional security driver services for VIP guests, celebrity profiles, international business men and women on busy schedules and engagements.
All our professionals are highly qualified close protection security drivers, fully insured and holding advanced medical qualifications. With the ability to carry important first aid equipment to enhance all clients and their guests safety, security and well-being at all times. Our team also holds advanced driving skills gained from years of military operational driving in the Special Forces groups and other professional private sectors. Way-Risks Solutions operators represent the very best of British values and standards combined with situation awareness, operational planning and client personal safety at all times.
All vehicles are of the latest model and specification with bespoke services available at request. At Way-Risks solutions we guarantee confidentiality for all celebrity and private VIP chauffeur hire. All our security drivers sign confidentiality agreements to ensure client privacy AND our drivers are fully experienced in working with high profile VIP and celebrity clientele.  


First Aid Response

All our security operators are all highly qualified in first aid and our medial personal carry vital lifesaving equipment that can include automated external defibrillators(AED) for an immediate response cover to sudden cardiac arrests (SCA). This vital bit of equipment saves life’s if in the correct hands immediately following in the incident. We provide our clients with assistance that is expertly aligned to your individual needs. Our specialist medics have over 1000 hours of clinical time providing current experienced knowledge in emergency equipment and medicine.
equipment and medicine.  



Supplying discreet Way-Risks panic rooms built by bespoke design, security level graded for peace of mind strong enough to protect from even the most aggressive of attacks. Hidden rooms providing businesses, schools and private homes with front line protection for today’s ever evolving security environment.


Our Way-Risks safe room consultants are all former members of the U.K Special Forces groups with decade’s years of experience in protection using key defence building skills and procedures. Our consultants will leave you in complete confidence that your safe room is a place in your building that once inside your families’ safety is guaranteed.
Contact us for more details and request one of our Way-Risks built by design safe room brochures.

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