Mobirise Website Builder

UI UX Front end Developer

I am officially qualified and certified as an Adobe Certified Associate - Web Communications Web Developer, designing fully Responsive web sites compatible with Mobile, Desktop, Tablet devices.

I am able to code from start to finish using HTML, CSS, PhP and Javascript.

Using Bootstrap to custom layout content and developing responsive websites that meet Google, Bing, Yahoo, W3C Compliance requirements for user friendly pages.

Adobe Certified Associate

In 2014 I graduated as a fully qualified Web Designer using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, before Bootstrap was introduced I had to manually create seperate CSS sheets for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices, and from this experience I am fully skilled in Coding, Fixing Errors, Run tests on the page to see if the site meets W3C Compliance.

The process in CS6 is to design the Mobile layout first, then the Tablet Layout and finally the Desktop Layout giving me the option to hide contents to certain devices.

Mobile Responsive Websites

The majority of users will access a website using their Mobile device and this is where I pay attention to detail and focusing on content that will encourage the visitor to remain on the page using various animated CSS functions, Creative content and web friendly typography and to encourage the user to visit the website on either a Laptop/Desktop or Tablet Device.

Boostrap makes it easy to design a mobile web page as Bootsrap automatically resizes the page according to the mobile device screen size.

Responsive menus are designed to make it easier for the user to navigate the web site and find the content.

The Process


I start the process of doing some online research  to find information that will help me design a website and to see certain types of Colours, Fonts, Styles that can be sued for the web design.


I am able to visualise a designa nd transfer this information onto a wireframe to explain the functionality of the web site, Visual hierachy, and  the content required i.e. Text, Logo, Images, Videos, Links to Social Media etc..


The Design process begins by creating the index page and resizing blocks / DIV tags to match the layout of the wireframe module.


Now to code the website i.e Meta Tags, Scripts, Analytics Links, Favicons, Back Links, Custom CSS Coding, 3rd Party Plugins and to bring in all the other pages so that the Website is fully functional.


Now that the website is complete, I run a test to see if all links are fully working and the forms are functional and to check to see if the websites fits the size of all devices.


Now that the website is complete, It's time to upload the complete site using a FTP Host onto the server and run a final check to see that everything is working properly.

Social Media & Web Pages

Social Media 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Vimeo are some of the main Social Media platforms that can be added to the website and I am able to customise the Widgets to match the website colours and fit perfectly anywhere on the page.

Some of the widgets include: Facebook Like and Share block, Twitter Feed, YouTube Player, Soundcloud Player and custom Share block for users to share the website onto their own Social Media Platforms.

Bespoke Web Assets

Below are some of the custom Web Page additions that I am able to develop.

Social Media & Web Assets

Animated Video Backgrounds

Animated CSS Function

Animated Carousels Image & Video

Custom Blocks i.e Gradients

Website Portfolio

Below are links to my website portfolio.

PKW Accounting

LWCC Boxing & MMA

Party Petes

Blessed Ibiza

Michael Mandal

Autism Adventures

Social Media Marketing

I am also able to create 20% Text Campaigns for Facebook Marketing.

Twitter Cards for Advertising.

YouTube Channel setup

Twitter & Facebook Analytics Monitoring
using the right keywords to promote your advertising

Graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube & Vimeo sites.